Mentoring for Coach Development

Mentoring for Coach Development

The following is a paper I wrote a few years ago regarding the role of mentoring within coach development.


Mentoring occurs when a coach works with another coach to help them to change their practice for the better (Layton & Australian Sports Commission., 2002). The following report will discuss the use of mentoring to develop coaches, the roles that a mentor takes on and some guidelines for creating an effective mentor-coach relationship. Continue reading

Taking charge of your coach development – Part 11

Part 11 – Communities of Practice

Jeff Mitchell – Community Coach Advisor – Sport Auckland / GACU

This is the eleventh article in a series of 13 on developing your coaching skills. For the full list of articles in the series see the articles page.

There are a number of ways that you can develop your coaching skills by interacting with other coaches. Our previous article looked at how you can use feedback to increase your understanding of how you coach. You can also improve your coaching by having discussions with coaches and sharing the problems that you face. In this article we will look at how social learning can be used as a coach development tool, by examining the use of Communities of Practice. Continue reading