Why give your year a theme?

Theming your Year

Part 1 – Why a theme?

Jeff Mitchell

I’m trying something new this year and I’d like to challenge my readers to do the same. This year I am having a central theme for the next 12 months of my self development. I will focus on integrating this theme into my life, going beyond just goal setting and making it a core component of how I live my life. In this article I will introduce the idea of theming a year and why you should set your own annual theme. In future articles in this series I will explain how to plan and implement your theme along with how to incorporate the theme into your overall self development. Continue Reading

Watch and learn

Using your learning edge

Part 6 – Watch and learn

Jeff Mitchell – Community Sport Advisor – Sport Auckland

 You need a range of tools if you are to be continuously learning. Observation, where you watch and analyse another coach delivering, is another tool that you can use to learn about your craft and about yourself. In our Taking charge of your coach development series we looked at the role of observation. We did this by looking at how video observation and the observation of other coaches can help you to develop your coaching ability. In this article we will look deeper at the process of learning when using observation and how it can fit into your learning plan. Continue reading

Motivation – It’s all in your mindset

Motivation – It’s all in your mindset

Jeff Mitchell – Community Coach Advisor – Sport Auckland / GACU

Think about a time when you felt really motivated. When you were energised and couldn’t wait to tackle a project, or to get underway with something you wanted to achieve. Maybe you were coaching a new team, or wanting to put into action something you had learnt on a course or read in an article. How did you feel? What was the impact on how you acted? How did it help you to achieve?

Motivation is a critical component for player development. To build your understanding of motivation we will look at the direction of motivation, the sources of motivation, and the two mindsets that players can have regarding their ability. Following on from this we will look at your role as coach in fostering an appropriate motivational environment. Continue reading