Selecting a theme

Theming your Year

Part 2 – Selecting a theme

Jeff Mitchell

In this article I am going to explain how to select a theme for your year. To do this you must first take a step back, however, and work through identifying your goals. You will start with goals for the next several years and then you will drill down to write out a plan for your goals for the next twelve months. In this article I am going to explain how I go about planning goals for a year’s self-development and give some pointers on how you can then select a theme for the year. Continue Reading

Evaluating your learning

Using your learning edge

Part 9 – Evaluating your learning

Jeff Mitchell – Community Sport Advisor – Sport Auckland

A learning plan is designed to help increase your knowledge, leading to an increase in your effectiveness as a coach. Rather than being a static document, your learning plan should be regularly reviewed and updated. In this issue we will look at the role of evaluation and how to review your learning plan. Continue Reading

Taking charge of your coach development – Part 12

Part 12 – Evaluation

Jeff Mitchell – Community Coach Advisor – Sport Auckland / GACU

This is the twelfth article in a series of 13 on developing your coaching skills. For the full list of articles in the series see the articles page.

Evaluation is a key step in your overall development and one that is often neglected. Coach development is an on-going process; to continue your development you need to regularly revise and update your plan. Once you have completed the goals set out in the plan – or reached the specified end date for which the plan has been written – you should then evaluate the plan. Before you update your plan, it is important that you evaluate it and use this evaluation to improve on it. In this article we will examine how evaluation fits into the coach development process, why you need to evaluate your plan, and how you can do it effectively. Continue reading