Learning using Khan Academy

Learning using Khan Academy

Jeff Mitchell

Learning is a key theme of this blog. To date I have focused on coaching and coach development. In this article I want to show how learning concepts can be applied to learning any topic – in this case algebra and computer programming. I will do this by discussing Khan Academy. Continue Reading

Recommended coaching books

While there is no substitute for experience, it is important as a coach to keep increasing your knowledge of the craft. Books are still a good resource for doing this. They are a source of information, provide you with alternative viewpoints, and can challenge you to examine how you currently operate. In this section I will be providing a number of books that cover a range of coaching topics. Continue reading

Coaching books

It is important to keep learning about the craft of coaching so that you keep improving your delivery. There are a range of ways that you can gain information – online through sources such as google and twitter, by watching DVD’s, through observing and talking to other coaches, and by trying things out and then reflecting on the result. An older method is by reading books. Even with the range of technology available to us today, we should not forget the use of a good old-fashioned book for learning about how we can coach. Continue reading