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Taking charge of your coach development

An ongoing series of articles discussing how to take a structured approach to your coach development.

Issue 1: A structured approach

Issue 2: Profiling

Issue 3: Goal setting

Issue 4: Goal setting within session plans

Issue 5: Reflection

Issue 6: Assistant coaching

Issue 7: Mentoring

Issue 8: Video observation

Issue 9: Observing other coaches

Issue 10: Using feedback

Issue 11: Communities of Practice

Issue 12: Evaluation

Issue 13: Wrap up

Using your learning edge

Our second series of articles, this one focuses on the role of learning and how it can be used to further your coach development.

Issue 1: Learning and coaching

Issue 2: Your learning edge

Issue 3: Using your learning plan

Issue 4: Embracing mistakes

Issue 5: Learning regardless of the result

Issue 6: Watch and learn

Issue 7: Identifying your learning

Issue 8: Researching

Issue 9: Evaluating your learning

Issue 10: Maximising your learning

Theming your year

A series of articles that examine how you can set a theme for your self development throughout a year.

Issue 1: Why give your year a theme?

Issue 2: Selecting your theme

Effective Coaching and Coach Development

Various articles discussing aspects of coaching and coach development.

10 mistakes of a beginner coach – Part 1

10 mistakes of a beginner coach – Part 2

Athlete-centred coaching

Coaching an unfamiliar sport

Coaching at the end of the season

Coaching philosophy

Developing skilled athletes

Emotional intelligence

Goal setting

Match day coaching

Mentoring for coach development

Motivation – It’s all in your mindset

Questioning for skill development

Reflection as a coach development tool

Selecting a coach for your child

Singapore visit


Articles that focus on learning and self-development, not necessarily in the context of coach development.

Learning using Khan Academy

Talent development 

Articles that discuss the identification and development of talent.

Talent identification

Coaching Updates 

The following are the monthly updates I distribute for my role as Community Sport Advisor with Sport Auckland:

August 2013

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013

December 2013

February 2014

March 2014


A collection of blogs, websites, books and other relevant sources of coaching information and assistance.

Recommended websites and blogs

Recommended coaching books

What coaching books do you read?

Coach Development Plan template

Learning plan template

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