Recommended blogs and websites

Here are a range of useful websites for information on coaching and coach development. They are split into two sections. The first section is websites that have linked to or featured this blog. These websites, along with having good taste, will have related content and many link to a number of other useful websites and resources. Below these are other websites and blogs that I have come across that will be useful for coaches looking to grow and improve their effectiveness. I’ll keep adding to these over time.

Featured Blogs

Here are a range of websites which have featured or linked to Coach Growth:

Jamie Taylor’s Coaching Blog
Jamie’s blog puts out a weekly round-up of top-notch coaching articles.

Underground Athletics
Simon Nainby puts out this blog which includes a monthly Coaching Matters: Around the Web update, which has a great range of articles.

Institute for Sport Coaching
A nonprofit organization dedicated to developing and delivering the educational experiences and leadership tools critical to the advancement and continual improvement of American sport coaches. Christopher Hickey is the Executive Director of the Institute.

New Zealand Coach Mag
New Zealand Coach is an online magazine published by Sport New Zealand.

Clearinghouse for Sport
The Clearinghouse for Sport (Clearinghouse) is an Australian sport sector information and knowledge sharing initiative.

Sport IQ
Sport IQ publish articles from a range of people on a daily basis.

Blog by Dave Keelty of Harbour Sport and GACU.

Youth Basketball Coaching Association
Blog from the Youth Basketball Coaching Association.

Coaching confidence
A website for coaching and those interested in coaching.

Greater Auckland Coaching Unit
Website for the Greater Auckland Coaching Unit containing information for coaches and people who develop coaches.

Boots and Buzz
Contains articles from a range of contributors and is affiliated to

Additional Websites

The following sites I have found to be useful for researching and learning about coaching, and for networking with other like-minded people.

Coaching Family
The @CoachingFamily Twitter account where coaches can share ideas, tips, advice and even sessions.

Sports Coaching Brain
Website and blog put together by Wayne Goldsmith, a coaching consultant from Australia.

BrianMac Sports Coach
Sports Coach provides information on the many topics related to developing physical and mental condition to help fitness enthusiasts, athletes and coaches achieve their goals and to assist students studying sport related qualifications.

Positive Coach Alliance
Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit organization with the mission to transform the culture of youth sports so that youth athletes can have a positive, character-building experience.

Impress Coaching
The archives section of this website contains a large number of coaching articles. Their focus is on how language affects sport performance. The stated aim of the blog is to “give coaches and parents a fantastic resource to help them inspire their athletes and children and to enjoy their coaching and parenting”.

Sport Relations
Sports Relations is a consulting group specialising in coach education and development. Their blog has a number of insightful articles and they have a particular focus on skill acquisition. 

From Coach to Coach
This website from Africa has a number of interesting articles on the topic of sport development,  and will be especially useful to those coaches living and coaching in Africa.

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